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Policies are intended to provide a framework that ensures consistent principles are applied to practice across a school. They are not intended to detail every conceivable event that might be applied within the policy framework.

Policies can also provide prospective employees, governors and parents of prospective pupils with valuable information. For example, a prospective parent might wish to see a school’s homework policy or behaviours policy before deciding whether to apply for their child to attend the school.

Policies should also enable school staff and teachers, board members, management and leaders and parents to see at a glance what principles they can expect to see applied at Treetops.

Academic Integrity Policy

Access to Children Policy

Accident Policy & Procedure

Anaphylaxis Management Policy & Procedure

Anti-Bullying Policy Procedure

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Appropriate Behaviour Policy

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance and Late Arrival Policy and Procedure

Camp Policy

Camp Procedure

Catastrophic Weather Warning Policy

Catastrophic Weather Warning Procedure

Children left at School Policy

Child Protection Policy and Procedure

Communication Policy

Complaints Policy

Computer Usage Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Critical Incident and Emergency Policy

Dress Code Policy

Duty of Care Policy

Emergency Evacuation Policy

Enrichment Policy & Procedure

Enrolment Policy and Procedures

Equal Opportunities Policy

Evacuation Procedure (Student Collection)

Excursion Policy and Procedure

First Aid Policy

Food and Nutrition Policy

Head Lice Policy

Health and Medical Records Policy

Homework Policy

Illicit Drug and Alcohol Policy

Illness and Communicable Diseases Policy

Inclusive Education Policy

Language Policy

Lockdown Policy

Maintenance Policy

Mandatory Reporting Policy & Procedure

Medication Permission Form

Mobile Electronic Devices Policy

Nut Minimisation Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Parent Liaison Policy

Parents and Friends Policy 

Pastoral Care Policy

Payment of Fees Policy

Photographs in School Related Publications & Websites Policy

Privacy Policy

Record Keeping Policy

Review of Student Learning Policy

Risk Management Policy Procedure

School Social Media & Networking Policy 

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Swimming Excursion Policy

Terrorist Bomb Threat Policy

Use of Non Printed Texts in School Policy

Use of Physical Restraint Policy

Visitor Policy

Volunteering Within the School Policy & Procedure

Water Based Activities Policy

Work Experience Policy