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Our teaching staff have spent some time over the last few months considering what a Treetops’ graduate looks like and why Treetops is both a Montessori and an International Baccalaureate school.

Montessori is an approach supporting the full development of the human being, is used in over 22,000 schools worldwide and has a longer track record of success than any other educational approach in the world.

The Montessori approach to education inspires children towards a lifelong love of learning, utilising their natural developmental trajectory. Children become confident, responsible, independent learners, who trust in their own abilities. The inclusivity and positive social development facilitated by the Montessori programme forms the basis for a persistent attachment to learning and knowledge.

Treetops uses the Western Australian Curriculum from Pre-Primary through to Year 10, delivered within a Montessori learning framework. Our Year 11 and 12 students then have the choice of two distinct International Baccalaureate Programs, both of which cater for diverse range of ability and future pathways.

The Diploma Program enables our graduates to enter university within Australia or internationally, direct from completing Year 12. The Career Related Program is specifically developed for students who wish to engage in career-related learning, while gaining transferable and lifelong skills in applied knowledge, critical thinking, communication and cross-cultural engagement.

Each teacher partners with parents and their children in learning journeys, an experience beginning in Children’s House and culminating in Year 12 graduation. To define the attributes that we desire in our graduates is to also explore what we value as a school.

Montessori Principles provide a framework for our school culture. The Montessori Principles are:

•             Innate goodness of children

•             Natural urge to explore the world and to learn

•             Each child is unique

•             Children grow and develop at different rates

•             Focus on the whole child, physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual

•             Each stage of a child’s education should meet all those needs

•             Education should focus on the whole personality of the child; the faculties of intellect,

              deliberation, initiative and independent thinking

Montessori Qualities and the IB Learner Profile are complementary and provide context for learning.

Fundamentally, we are a school that greatly values child-centred learning approaches, with a strong focus upon the individual. Montessori Learning Principles and Qualities, along with the IB Learner Profile, are ideal vehicles to support our goals.

Treetops Graduates:

Are life-long learners with highly developed critical thinking skills, cognisant of their strengths and weaknesses, who use that awareness to identify areas of growth to reach their full potential.

Model respectful, pro-social and principled behaviour to all individuals as they value everyone’s unique contribution to local and globally diverse communities and their environments.