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Schools have always been about so much more than education. Almost all of us have strong memories of our school years, both good and bad. It is an interesting exercise to list what memories we have retained, and why those and not others.

The expression ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ likely has its origins as an ancient African proverb. In the school context, it can be linked to the wider place and purpose of schools in the lives of both children and their parents. Healthy school communities encourage parents, teachers and students to come together to participate in events and build shared experiences and memories.

Our recent Treetops’ Super Colour Explosion Run, was one such community building event. Parents, teachers and students joined together for an afternoon of entertainment as the entire school campus was transformed into a colourful journey of physical fitness challenges, music and perhaps most importantly, shared fun.

Making use of our unique grounds, students started the run through our forest area, weaving their way through the ‘spider web’ strung between branches. Coming out on to the oval, students climbed over hay bales, dodged foam cubes, ducked under hurdles, and crawled through tunnels. A quick climb across the monkey bars was followed by running down the hill and then up the stairs into the secondary area, where more obstacles awaited. Parents and staff were stationed around the course covering students with the colourful powder.

The significant funds raised will go towards the revamp of our basketball court