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Children’s House for Preschool

Choosing the start of education is an important decision for most parents. At Treetops, we have revisited our starting age for the preschool class at various times of the past several years. This has mainly been due to fluctuations in incoming groups and siblings wanting class places.

As we call all our students from age 3 – 5 Children’s House students, some parents may not realise that we do actually cater for preschool age children. Any child, who is ready, can apply to attend Children’s House as a preschool age child as long as they have turned three at application.

This intake is geared to children who have moved beyond toddlerhood and who have enjoyed our Playgroup but ready to take the next step. However, they are not yet old enough to attend Kindergarten.

Montessori described this period of human development as the stage of the Conscious Absorbent Mind. At this point in time the child’s senses are more acute than they are at any other period in their life.

At Treetops Children’s House, preschool age children are provided with experiences in practical living like cooking and cleaning activities. Our kitchens throughout the school are scaled down to a size easily used by our students. These kind of real life activities develop the children’s confidence and manual deftness and also to provide familiarity between school life and home life.

In Children’s House, preschool children access a wide range of sensorial materials from cylinders for shaking and matching, sandpaper letters giving the experiences of rough, cube towers to demonstrate volume. Along with our other Montessori materials, these assist our children to develop a sound base of learning for later education in language and maths.

This “learning by experience” teaches children to work independently and helps to develop enthusiasm for learning. We believe a Montessori Children’s House classroom is the perfect place for a preschool age child.