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In late 2019, the Treetops Board of Directors met to develop a new strategic plan. As a part of the process, we wanted to respond to data received via school community surveys seeking greater physical and outdoor education opportunities for our students, and we also wanted to develop a deeper awareness of the environment and appreciation of local aboriginal influences as part of our normal school operations. In achieving these goals, the entire Treetops staff worked collaboratively to develop plans to address the strategic goals. This year a number of our initiatives have come to fruition.

One of our goals is to investigate and implement unique physical opportunities for all age groups, for example an outdoor education programme which could include camping, hiking, athletics, mountain-bike riding, climbing and bouldering.

This term, students in Years 7-10 were offered the opportunity to take part in a 5-week Mountain Biking Programme to develop their skills. Students were very positive after their first session, where they learnt about etiquette on the trail and pump track, basic manoeuvrability skills, and how to do some jumps and hops.

Our Years 3 & 4 students recently travelled to Adrenaline Vault to experience bouldering and rock climbing. The students had to overcome climbing puzzles to reach the top of the walls. They worked collaboratively by assisting each other with difficult climbs, and showed great leadership skills when it came to helping people who were less experienced.

Another of our goals is to develop and implement a Treetops Aboriginal Culture and Heritage Programme in line with the principles of Closing the Gap and Aboriginal Reconciliation. One way of meeting our objectives is to create a Noongar garden. Treetops applied for and was successful in attracting a PALS Grant in support of our project. We are currently creating six garden beds located across campus. Each of the beds will contain native plants that represent one of the Noongar seasons:

Birak (December – January)

Bunuru (February – March)

Djeran (April – May)

Makuru (June – July)

Djilba (August – September)

Kambarang (October – November)