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According to research compiled by the NSW Government and the Association of Independent Schools NSW in their report, CEO Perspectives: The Future of School in Australia, children today are growing into a word of unprecedented change.  Statistically they are likely to work in up to seventeen different jobs across five or more industries. Existing linear career paths will be increasingly less common and many traditional occupations will be lost due to globalisation and automation. Students will need to be lifelong learners who are adaptive, confident, curious, self-disciplined and autonomous.
The Montessori motto is, ‘help me to do it myself’. From the age of three students at Treetops start to take some ownership over their learning and the resources required to achieve it. This approach is one of children learning rather than teachers teaching from a power-holding perspective.  It is based upon Maria Montessori’s belief in the innate goodness of children and in their natural urge to explore the world and to learn. From preparing and cooking fresh food in Children’s House through to planning their own camps and excursions in the high school. Treetops students are learning to be confident, self-disciplined and autonomous learners, capable of adapting to conditions as they find them.
If you visit Treetops at any time these are some of the areas in which you might observe children being helped to ‘do it themselves’.  Students carry their own bags into school in the morning, even when at the age of three the bags are almost as big as they are! Children walk away from parents at the classroom door, rather than parents leaving children.  From Children’s House onward students learn practical life skills such as to grate and chop, clean up after themselves, set tables and water gardens.

Students often peer tutor, including across the age groups of Primary and Secondary.  Students are not dependent on asking a teacher for items such as stationery – this is set out for them in the prepared environment so that they can access it without disturbing another student’s learning.  By helping students to help themselves, rather than demanding that they recourse to the teacher for everything they need, they genuinely will be prepared for a lifetime of using initiative and of learning new skills as they are required.

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