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For many years the WACE ATAR programme has been seen as the only means of entry to university.  However, the IB Diploma Programme is consistently gaining in popularity in Australian schools as a credible and preferred option.

Treetops has been offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) since 2007, and this year is the ten-year anniversary since our first IB Diploma students graduated.

The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year course for Year 11-12 students.  It enables direct entry into universities within Australia and Internationally.  It is a world renowned programme that began in 1968.

There are significant advantages to undertaking the IB Diploma Programme over the WACE ATAR programme.

The IB Diploma has a prolonged focus upon learning rather than on-going cumulative assessment.  For many WACE ATAR students, the continued pressure and focus on aggregated scores may result in a growing sense of anxiety as they progress through Year 12.

In contrast, the IB Diploma student’s focus is upon gaining as full an understanding as possible of the learning material over the full two-year period.  The IB Diploma has a strong focus on creative and critical thinking, and conceptual understanding –  all of which are modern skills of more value to the student than content recall.  The broader approach of the IB Diploma is like that of university courses and better prepares students for participation as university undergraduates.

Students undertaking WACE ATAR in Year 12 are ranked against their peers across the state and the entire year can be viewed as one of ongoing competition.  The annual publishing of school ATAR results places schools in competition with each other as they seek to climb the ladder of best performing ATAR institutions.

Not surprisingly, this translates into some schools putting increased pressure upon their students.  The IB Diploma Programme, whilst still generating an ATAR for university entrance in Australia, is entirely non-competitive/comparative.  IB Diploma students are never in competition with their peers, and their results are entirely based upon individual performance in final year examinations and internal assessments.

At Treetops, Year 11 and 12 students enjoy very small class sizes and personalised tuition in a wide range of subject choices.  Our students have the option of undertaking either the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for university entrance, or WACE General programme for entering the workforce or for further vocational education options.

If you, or your student, are considering your options for Year 11 and 12, contact Treetops on 9299 6725 to book a personalised tour and learn about the Treetops difference.