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Treetops’ 30th Anniversary

In 1989, a group of highly motivated parents sought to create a new school in Darlington.  They were dedicated to what were then seen as the ‘alternative education’ concepts of meeting the needs of the child as an individual, play based learning, nature play, and sequential learning based on careful observation of the precise stage of learning that a child had reached in a concept, in order to successfully move them forward.

12 Beenong Road had long been a site associated with some of these concepts, I believe first as a Lance Holt school, then as the Beenong School.  The owners of the site, upon the closure of the Beenong School, were keen for the continuation of this set of values, and thus enabled the purchase by the group of parents who created Treetops Montessori School.  Our expansion as an International Baccalaureate World School followed a number of years later.

As an historian, and a teacher at the school for 15 years now, I have sought out historic information from sources connected to all three of these schools.  There is a fascinating collection of archival notes, anecdotes, photos and documents stored at Treetops which our Year 11 and 12 students are now working through with me.  But there is so much more information out there ….

In this, our 30th Anniversary year as a Montessori school, I am seeking help from the community.  We plan to open the school as a ‘museum’ on the weekend of the Darlington Arts Festival, both as a display of the fascinating information we have gathered, and with the ambition of gathering more!  We are in the process of interviewing and contacting past students, parents, neighbours, friends, teachers and anyone else associated with any of the three schools.

History is a living process.  It changes as more information is discovered and included in the ‘picture’.  Please help me and our students to make that picture as vivid and interesting and as historically accurate as possible.

If you have any information to add to our collection relating to any of the schools on the 12 Beenong Road site, or you are a past parent, student, staff member or associate, we would LOVE to hear from you!

We can be contacted on 9299 6725, or by emailing us at office@treetops.wa.edu.au

More information about the ‘museum’ on DAF weekend will follow.

Jayne Simpson
Deputy Principal/Director of Enrichment Programs