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After a successful day visit by twelve students from Nishi Kyushu University in 2015, our Japanese teacher Sharon Crossman was approached regarding the possibility of creating an internship programme with education students from the university.

Over the following year, plans were put in place and the first group of three interns and their English teacher came to Treetops at the end of term three. The group were immersed in Australian school life for one week and were billeted with families from the school community.

The visit was a resounding success for all involved. The Japanese interns were able to assist in classes specific to their study majors.

“As Treetops is such a warm and welcoming school with small, flexible classes, our guests were able to make strong connections with students in a very short time,” Mrs Crossman said.
“The only improvement would be that next year we are hoping to have the interns for longer!”