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This year, National Recycling Week took place from 7th – 13th November. This event aims to provide opportunities for individuals and communities to learn simple methods of reducing their environmental footprint and reducing waste. In Karri, we ran with this idea and organised our own waste audit and poster competition!

After watching Craig Reucassel’s documentary ‘War on Waste’ as part of our learning in economics, the class were eager to investigate how we could reduce and better manage our school’s own waste. The plan of action was to spend a lunchtime collecting and sorting each school bin into five categories: compost, yellow-top recycling, general waste, cardboard & paper, and ‘Containers for Change’. We wanted to keep track of how much waste we were producing and identify in which areas this could be reduced.

The recycling poster competition is open to all students in Children’s House, Wattle, Marri, and Karri, and it will run until the end of this week. There have already been some great submissions and we look forward to collecting even more!

Katie Simpson