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Sugar Gums Playgroup


From the moment of birth, the individual is bombarded by a myriad of sense perceptions.  Maria Montessori described this period of human development as the stage of the Unconscious Absorbent Mind.  Through their senses, children discover their immediate world.

Sugar Gums Playgroup provides a Montessori playgroup environment, suited to the younger child.  Children are free to manipulate this environment and experience age-appropriate activities under the guidance of a trained Playgroup Leader.

Our Playgroup Leader has extensive experience in Montessori and Early Years environments.  She plans and organises the playgroup activities, and provides guidance to parents and caregivers to assist them to work effectively with their child to aid their ongoing development.

As a Montessori Playgroup, our focus is on respect for the child, fostering the child’s independence, respecting the needs of others, and caring for the environment.  Each child attending requires close supervision by their adult at all times.

Sugar Gums Playgroup is a safe, fun, caring, and stimulating environment where children spend quality time with their parent or caregiver.

Playgroup sessions are held on scheduled mornings from 9.30am to 11.30am during the school term.

Children are eligible to attend Sugar Gums Playgroup from the age of 18 months to approximately 3 years.  At 3 to 3 ½ years of age, children are usually developmentally ready to enter into our Children’s House programme.

Places in every Playgroup session are limited to ensure a Montessori-prepared environment.  Where there are no places immediately available, applications will be added to our waiting list.

To apply, please complete and return the Playgroup Application form to the school office, together with the application fee.

You can find the Playgroup Application form here.

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