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Parent Code of Conduct

Treetops School welcomes community participation and values its input.  Parents play a crucial role in the academic, social, emotional and physical development of their children. 

  • All members of the Treetops community, including parents and guardians, are expected to demonstrate our values, profiles, and attitudes within the school setting.
  • Parents are responsible for any person outside of the school community that they bring on to the school grounds, and ensure that person acts at all times in a manner consistent with the Code.
  • Parents are required to comply with all documents sent to them from the school and as published on the school website, including all policies and procedures.
  • All children, staff, and parents have the right to feel safe at school.  There may be times when you feel that the actions of another child or community member has infringed on your own or your child’s rights.  Under no circumstances is a parent or guardian to approach another child whilst they are in the care of the school to discuss or chastise because of perceived actions towards their own child.  Such an approach may be seen as an assault on the child and may incur legal consequences.
  • Bullying behaviour has no place at Treetops and will not be tolerated.  This is true for adult-to-adult, adult-to-child and child-to-child interactions.
  • All interactions between members of our community must be in keeping with the school’s values.  Behaving in a harassing, aggressive and/or threatening manner towards staff is not acceptable.
  • Keep discussions on social media involving the school, other schools, or members of the school community respectful.  School-related issues should be dealt directly with the school staff as per the Concerns & Complaints Policy.
  • Always approach any situation in a spirit of cooperation, understanding, and genuine partnership. 

Consequences for breach of the Code:

  • the school reserves the right to terminate the enrolment of a student for a number of reasons, including if the school is of the reasonable opinion that a parent or caregiver:
    • has not complied with the terms of enrolment;
    • do not support the school and its staff in all facets of the school’s educational program; or
    • are obstructive, uncooperative, or divisive such that there is an irretrievable breakdown of the trust required in the working relationship with the school, its staff, or other members of the school community.
  • The consequences listed above do not restrict the school’s ability to take any other action it deems appropriate to address a breach of the Code. 

If the concern centres on the classroom or curriculum:

  • The first contact should always be with the classroom or specialist teacher by arranging a mutually convenient appointment;
  • If a resolution is not reached, then it is appropriate to involve the Head of Primary, Head of Secondary, Learning Support Coordinator, or Principal with the aim of reaching a fair and peaceful resolution. 

We attempt to resolve concerns through:

  • Calm discussion between the parties directly involved whilst respecting the dignity of each and every person;
  • Actively listening to another point of view.